I'm Michaela. My goals in life are to take over the gabilliam tag and meet Gabe and William. Not necessarily in that order.

I like William and Gabe. So here is where I get out all my love.

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Um so tonight at the NYC show someone yelled “where’s Gabe?!” and it was kinda weird

but William responded…”in Chicago”. And everyone was like wut lol k. And then he continued:

"…keeping my bed warm."

g a b i l l i a m

Anonymous asked
Hi. I know it's hopeless but I've been looking for "I'm a Lot of Faith; This is How I Feel" ever since the writer deleted and purged her LJ and I know it's a desperate attempt but it affected me so deeply when I first read it over two years ago and I was slightly hoping that you know a way to read it/have it saved somewhere. I know it's a pathetic attempt, I've almost given up hope now, but I figured I may as well try anyway. Thank you.

This is an ourgossiplips fic, isn’t it? I wish I could help but no one I know of had her fics saved, it was traumatic for all of us when she deleted. Wish you luck with your search though, and if you ever do find it be sure to share, it’d be great to read her stuff again!

Anonymous asked

Thank you! I’m very terrible at updating though so I apologize